I am an overthinker. I over-analyse everything and anything, and I really hate it. Whatever that troubles me, I would keep imagining it and coming up with multiple consequences or reasons for it. You cannot let anything go, because you’re convinced that if you just run over the details a few more times, you’ll finally uncover some new understanding of the situation or it will somehow change … Continue reading Overthinking


Ugh damn irritated. I really dislike it when I’m halfway through doing something, and someone else cuts in and finishes everything. It kinda feels like the person is trying to claim credit for everything? And especially when you’re halfway through it and the person just “steals” all the ideas away… DAMN ANNOYING Continue reading Work

Crashing Sophie’s lecture

I’m now in Sophiegan’s lecture. Stupid girl falling asleep and ignoring what I’m saying. And she claims what the lecturer is saying is useless. /insertwhatsapp”wth”face To-Do List: 1. Oceans Essay 2. English Presentation & Tutorial 3. English Essay 4. SSA Interview 5. SSA Presentation (+ Prelimnary Argument) 6. SSA Essay 7. Oceans Peer Review 8. Oceans Online Assignments (1 to 7) 9. Oceans Test 10. … Continue reading Crashing Sophie’s lecture


People in our lives come and go. Sometimes we forget to embrace and treasure the people who have been there for forever but we just fail to see. Sometimes we just have to accept the fact that some people will walk out on us. I have never been someone who believed that our lives are controlled by some “higher power” in a sense that when … Continue reading Friendship?