Crashing Sophie’s lecture

I’m now in Sophiegan’s lecture. Stupid girl falling asleep and ignoring what I’m saying. And she claims what the lecturer is saying is useless. /insertwhatsapp”wth”face

To-Do List:

1. Oceans Essay

2. English Presentation & Tutorial

3. English Essay

4. SSA Interview

5. SSA Presentation (+ Prelimnary Argument)

6. SSA Essay

7. Oceans Peer Review

8. Oceans Online Assignments (1 to 7)

9. Oceans Test

10. Great Ideas Test

Sigh I’m drowning in all my work 😦 It just keeps piling and piling 😦 😦

Mygosh I just thought of how I removed all my blogs. All those times I spent penning (okay typing) down all my thoughts and experiences went down the drain. I had so many blogs omg and I just deleted everything T.T Such a dumbdumb. Now I won’t have something to remind me of what happened to me and all my feelings and emotions I had throughout my teenage years 😦 Sighpie 😦 I am now into the last of my teenage years and I know I need to make the best out of it. JIAYOU KARYEE 🙂 (hahaha this is damn weird.)


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