Honest Phrases We Need To Say More Often


“We all want to be able to save the people we love – from their circumstances, from their problems, from themselves. But sometimes that just isn’t possible. Telling someone that they need help you can’t give them doesn’t mean you’re giving up on them – on the contrary, it means you want to help them in the truest, most effective way possible.”

“Rather than grasping at straws trying to figure out how we can help our loved ones, the most beneficial thing we can do is sometimes just to ask them point blank. We often know exactly what we need from others, we just don’t feel comfortable asking for it – and this offers your loved one the explicit chance to do just that.”

“While hearing “I love you,” is nice, hearing, “I prioritize you,” means hearing a concrete promise that very few people are willing to make. In many ways, it’s the bravest possible way to express your feelings for someone – because it commits you to acting on your love, rather than simply voicing it.”


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