Today I attempted to talk to my sister and I faced very harsh rejection. I wanted to check in with her on what transpired during the week, knowing that she was sick, rushing for assignment deadlines, and preparing for examinations. And therefore I arranged to have dinner with her and just spend some quality time over a meal. At home, I went into her room to talk … Continue reading Family

Today, I extended a helping hand to someone I thought may need some help. Keywords: may, help But the person just brushed it off with sarcasm and retorted that he didn’t need any help. And at that moment I just felt so stupid. Like I went out of my way and really stepped onto someone else’s path where he didn’t want me to step on. … Continue reading


I’ve always thought of myself as someone who can understand others quite well. I’m not bragging here, but I really do manage to find great deals about people in just short conversations. Not just the shallow stuff but also what kind of people they are. I think this may be why I am attracted to careers involving, or rather, centered on interaction with people. However, … Continue reading Weird

Honest Phrases We Need To Say More Often “We all want to be able to save the people we love – from their circumstances, from their problems, from themselves. But sometimes that just isn’t possible. Telling someone that they need help you can’t give them doesn’t mean you’re giving up on them – on the contrary, it means you want to help them in the truest, most effective way possible.” “Rather than … Continue reading Honest Phrases We Need To Say More Often

& if things could be different in just a second

Haven’t been writing in a long long time. The past week has been eventful. Finished burden 3101 report Watched possibly THE BEST MOVIE OF 2015 Dropped trigen Got offered a position in arts oweek ocomm right after Had toothache so bad I couldn’t do anything Plucked my tooth -_- Heard that my sister got stalked home??? 3101 was SUCHA KILLA but I’ve been blessed with … Continue reading & if things could be different in just a second

23 Things Only People Who Love Spending Time Alone Will Understand

Originally posted on Thought Catalog:
Sascha Kohlmann 1. A weekend in which you have no plans, no responsibilities, and nowhere at all to be, ranks as one of the best weekends you’ll ever have. 2. Sometimes friends will try to make plans with you and you have no reason to decline except for the fact that you just want to be alone that day. (Your… Continue reading 23 Things Only People Who Love Spending Time Alone Will Understand


I think… I need to stop believing in people so easily. I’ve obviously made up my mind on some things, and I’m still (painstakingly) trying to make my heart follow my mind, and then I brainlessly foolishly stupidly let someone’s nice words mess with my emotions. It’s like I have completely no barrier or filter in my mind for words I find soothing to the … Continue reading End?